UPK 300 Crane

This crane is designed for lifting and lowering of the cargo with a maximum upto 500 kg without the application of conventional pulley blocks. This is actually used for its unique features of having 2 transmission ratios from two different gears. It is applicable for lifting and lowering of important components of higher loads at a specific height during maintenance, repair and overhauling. The hoist mechanism is engaged in housing, bracket and head having drums in radial thrust bearing, idler, pinion etc. with spurs and coupled bevels pinion mutually perpendicular axle installed for fastening hoist handles. The locking mechanism comprises of ratchet-wheel fastened on the axle of bevel pinion etc. Rope is wound on the drum supported by 2 diametrically opposite clamping rollers installed on the drums.


Technical Specifications

  • Lifting capacity, lb (kg) not more than:

with hoist gearing <125 kg> : 551  (250)
with hoist gearing <500 kg> : 882 (400)
lifting of explosive cargos and ejection seats with men : 661 (300)

  • Height of hook lifting, in (mm) upto:

with first Position of boom :      2-237(50-6030)
with second Position of boom : 22-257(550-6530)

  • Fixation of cargo : at any height
  • Crane has two positions : operating and transporting
  • Overall dimensions in operating position in (mm):height wlth the frrst position of boom : 261 (6620)
    height with the second positlon of boom : 280 (7100)
    width : 104 (2630)
    length : 178 (4520)
  • Overall dimensions in transporting position,in(mm):
    height : 85 (2150)
    width  : 87 (2200)
    length : 190 (4830)
  • Mass, lb (kg), not more than :  1653 (750)
UPK 300 Crane
UPK 300 Crane