Purged Nitrogen Storage Container
For RB211-24G Gas Turbine

This container is designed and developed for storing purged nitrogen , when the RB211-24G Engine is kept inside it. The purpose is to protect the engine from any kind of damages and hazards


Technical Specifications

  • Overall Dimension :

Length : 3.7 Mtrs

Width : 2.0 Mtrs.

Height: 2.0 Mtrs.

  • Weight:

Tare Weight :  2 Tons

Gross Weight : 5.5 Tons

  • Lifting Arrangement : Fork lift option at bottom and hooks with lift sling at top (5.5 Tons capacity)
  • Special Features :

Dry Nitrogen purging arrangement with purge pressure monitoring and makeup arrangement.

Documents vault with external and internal with lock and key arrangement.