Customised GSEs for seamless MRO works, FOD prevention with FRP made solutions.

Aviation industry in India is on the rise. Currently, India is 9th largest civil aviation market and is expected to move up to 3rd position by 2020. At present, Airlines operating in India spend almost 13-15% of their revenues towards maintenance, repairs and overhaul and get nearly 90% of their MRO done abroad, mainly due to cost advantages resulting from the comparatively high tax burden, cumbersome operating procedures, and the inadequate MRO service facilities available in India.With the fleet size likely to double by 2020, the need for a strong domestic MRO industry is critical and not just desirable.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) plays a major role in the aircraft maintenance works and other day to day operations of the airline companies. Therefore the need for a quality GSE manufacturer is inevitable for the aviation industry.

Protecting the aircraft and helicopters from Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and other hazardous elements like dust, rain etc. is another critical challenge, the airline companies face regularly. A small damage in any sensitive component of an aircraft can cost a huge amount to the airline companies and impact their services and business.

Acme offers a handful of cost effective quality solutions to all these challenges and help the airline companies reduce their overhead for the aircraft maintenance and eliminating their dependency on the foreign MRO solution providers.

Over the past three decades, Acme has established itself as one of the leading solution providers for design, development and manufacturing of various Ground Support Equipment, special mechanical equipment, special AGS spares, FRP made blankings and covers for different aircraft and helicopters as per customer need.

Experience & Expertise

  • Efficient Engineers and technicians, applying their innovative ideas collaboratively and bringing the best Engineering  solutions to overcome  the challenges, the aviation industry faces in aircraft and helicopters maintenance.
  • Leading airline company like Jetlite India is using our, Forward /AFT Trestles and Fuselage Docking facilities for Boeing 737 700/800 at NSCB International Airport Kolkata.
  • Over three decades of experience in design,development and manufacturing of various Ground Support Equipment , special ground handling equipment , blankings and covers etc for different aircraft and helicopters.